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Bill Rayburn and his works...


 I am a native Californian, having only recently moved to London. I was born in 1960 in the San Francisco Bay Area, have lived on the east coast (northern New Jersey), and now have crossed the pond to ply my wares in the old country. I am currently marketing a collection of my fictional short stories, while working on a 'memoIRISH novel' (does that phrase even exist?).

Open to suggestions, critique etc. 


Fictional get-together of two, real-life friends...


The two great American actors meet on the night one year prior to Newman's death of lung cancer. They exchange barbs, sentimentality and wordless commentary over a final evening of cocktails and dinner, much as they did onscreen, though in this case, unedited and in real life.


A look at Provence, France...


A wandering American stumbles on a hidden natural paradise in southeast France, inhabited by a woman who looks like him, thinks like him, and with whom he shares a fear of love. Over wine and assorted gnoshables, they bare their souls and watch as they unfold themselves in ways they never have before.



After a year living in London, a California transplant puts his observations and thoughts on paper.