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ALISON BLAKE - Indie Author

Posted by [email protected] on April 18, 2013 at 12:50 PM

Having read some of Alison's works and enjoyed her style, I was pleased when I found an interview she gave. It is always interesting to have a behind the scenes look at the writer and the motivation that got them going. In Alison's case, it really was behind the scenes as she began as an actress and then graduated into a playwright.

You have only to read below to see how she arrived at writing as a living. All very interesting stuff!

Name: Alison Blake

Where Do You Live: Taos, NM

What Genre Are Your Books: I wish I could say I stick to one genre, I think my readers would prefer that. Let me see, I write romantic thrillers with some pretty spicy love scenes, I write sweet romances, I write fantasy-adventure with a teen heroine that isn’t exactly human, and I’ve written a very sexy paranormal comedy about a romance between two werewolves.

Book Title(s): Annika, A Romantic Thriller; Gray Eyed Glory; The Road To Cordia; I Own The World, A Werewolf’s Tale and I forgot to mention A Reason For Murder, it’s about a $2,000,000 art heist that goes very wrong.

Tell Us About Your Background: First I was an actress, I did some Off-Broadway and lots of Off-Off-Broadway plays.

I saw so many bad plays that when a theater held a contest for new plays I thought,I can do better than that. So I wrote a play. It didn’t win the contest but it got me into the Yale playwriting program, where I wrote a lot of plays. The great thing about Yale was I got to work with some of the most talented discovered and undiscovered actors in the world! They made my work look so good.

Anyway for about a decade I wrote plays, they were all produced somewhere. One was made into a TV play. It still shows up occasionally late at night on TV.

How Long Have You Been Actively Writing: I started writing as soon as I could pick up a crayon and haven’t stopped, although now I use a computer.

Indie Or Trade Published: I had one book published by Avalon and thought my fortune was made. Little did I realize that publishers do almost no publicity for most books. It sold a couple of thousand copies and that was that.

I recently got the rights back and published it as an ebook. I’ll soon come out with a paperback version. Even though it hasn’t sold all that well (I suck at publicity myself) I’ve still made more money with my indie version than I did with the trad publisher.

E-books Or Printed: Both and soon I’m going to have audio books also. This is a wonderful world/time for a writer and I want to do it all.

Is Writing A Fulltime Activity, And If Not What Is Your Regular Job: Writing is my fulltime job.

Who Are Some Of Your Favorite Authors: I have so many. James Lee Burke is fantastic. I think he’s one of two great writers today. I also like plain entertainment books like John Grisham’s work. I like Linda Howard and Karen Robard, Mary Balogh, many of Mary Jo Putney’s work. Sorry, I could just keep going.

But the writer who influenced me the most is the playwright, Arthur Miller. His plays were not just powerful but beautifully crafted. I remember he summed it up in one sentence. “All literature is about the birds coming home to roost.”

What Brought You To Indie Publishing: I became incredibly frustrated by the gatekeepers. When you see some of the stuff that is published by the trads, you just know most of the gatekeepers don’t really know what they’re doing. They’re just looking for the same thing that worked before, but I don’t think most of them knowwhy something worked before.

What Is Your Writing Schedule: Oh, I wish I had one.

What Are Your Writing Goals: I would like to put down on paper (or digitally) all the stories that are bouncing around in my head. The wonderful thing is, the more you write, the more ideas for new books you have.

How Do You Promote Your Books: Not very well.

I have a personal Facebook page ( I Tweet (@Alison__Blake) which is kind of fun, but I doubt it’s very effective. I think the most important thing is to get a lot of reviews. Very hard to do. I just contacted Bookrooster who guarantee you ten reviews from real readers. I just hope they’ll be good ones.

Where Do Or Would You Like To See Yourself In 5 Years: Alive.

And being able to pay most of my bills with my writing income. I would also love to have readers contact me and say, “When’s your next book coming out? Stop fooling around and write!”

What Do You See As The Future For Indie Authors: Unlimited for those who persevere, have something to say, have some talent and don’t know everything. This is a great time to be a writer. I think I said that before. It’s an exciting time.

What Advice Would You Give A New Indie Author: The same advice everyone gives, because it’s good advice; write, read, get an editor, have a great cover, don’t give up, and learn from your mistakes.

What Else Would You Like Our Readers To Know About You: I ran away from home when I was 14 and joined a small traveling circus (I really did). It was hard work and as different from my home as Mars is from Earth. That started me off on my travels. I seldom live in one place more than 4 or 5 years.

I love dogs and horses. All my broken bones have come from horses who wanted to go in one direction while I wanted to go in another.

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