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Pluming a Pig!

Posted by [email protected] on February 22, 2012 at 12:45 PM

Getting a review for a book is like pluming a pig! The poor animal would have to be tarred and feathered before anyone would put plume to paper!

What a waste it is to have so many delightful books available free of charge or at a very reasonable cost, when people aren’t aware of their existence! Publishers have never been known for their generous promotion of authors. Each author is told how he will be expected to promote his own works, which is a shame, if he is good. Time is wasted on the internet (or elsewhere) finding ‘key words’ that will bring him to the fore-front of all those other authors looking for similar key words, when it could be employed writing. Of course, there is always the solution of hiring someone to do the marketing for you. Great! Those people exist but at a cost. Most budding writers don’t have the means to pay.

I have often compared writers to any other type of artist you care to imagine. All are propelled by the same desire to create with the need to exhibit their creation. Painters need viewers, actors need an audience while writers need readers. If you are a reader, no matter your preference for literature, please take the time to let the author know if you liked what he wrote. It will encourage him and possibly help him to improve. And if his work is good, why not let others know? It won't cost you more than your time. You’ll also be doing him a tremendous favour as well as those readers who follow you.

You never know, you may be the first to write a review for a soon to be ‘best seller’! :)


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