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Topaz : The Sandar Saga 1


In 1979, American hostages mirror Sam Cassel’s paternal anxieties, but six months later a volcanic eruption triggers Jenny’s deepest fear. All of Arkendale, Oregon weathers clouds of ash as memories threaten Jenny’s fragile peace. Her devastated childhood is to blame, but without Alvin’s assistance, can Sam and Tommie relieve ancient scars without causing further damage? 

Alvin's Farm - Book 1

In 1970s Oregon, Jenny Cope’s cloistered ways are tested by a challenged man. Alvin Harris’ simple manners thaw her frozen heart, but horrific childhood memories threaten their happiness. Alvin eases Jenny through her deepest fears as Sam Cassel waits, in love with a woman altering all she meets. *


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*I was moved by this author's ability to draw me into her story. The people were so real that I began to wonder if I was reading fiction or not. The only comfort to be had when the story 'ended' and I was deprived of people I felt I knew, was to know that Anna Scott Graham will soon be publishing Book 2 of Alvin's Farm.

The Thorn and the Rose - Alvin's Farm, Book 2



In 1970s Oregon, Jenny Cope has made a family with Alvin Harris, but their love has faded. Sam Cassel can no longer love Jenny from afar, but when tragedy strikes, Jenny suffers most of all. Can she recover from another destructive loss, or as others founder, will she also succumb to abject disaster?

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